What is Constellia for Schools?

We are here to help schools buy better.

Constellia for Schools uses the AEC-neutral vendor framework to provide schools with fully compliant access to an unlimited marketplace of local and national suppliers, including large corporations, SMEs, and micro-SMEs.

This bespoke solution is informed by and endorsed by Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust following a pilot Constellia ran with them in 2021.

Don't know where to begin when it comes buying goods and services for your schools? Constellia for Schools is a one stop shop.

Why work with Constellia?

We are transforming how Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) buy goods, works and services.

We're passionate about helping schools buy better, drive efficiencies, and make huge savings. With our user-friendly platform and on demand support, you can streamline your procurement process and focus on what really matters - delivering the best possible education to your students.

If you have an urgent requirement or want to discuss how we can help, please get in touch today.

"Quick, compliant, and easy procurement? Constellia for Schools has you covered."

Constellia Schools Council
The Constellia Schools Council, which will be Chaired by Nick Hurn OBE, CEO of Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust, will aim to bring together CEO’s and CFO’s of MATs across the country to discuss and debate best practice for procurement in schools, through in person and digital events.

Key Benefits?

Constellia for Schools makes procurement simple and efficient, giving Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) the support and expertise they need to navigate the complex procurement landscape. Our platform offers the following benefits:

Cost Saving

It ensures value for money and can drive savings of up to 20%. Best of all, it's cost-neutral for schools as suppliers absorb all our fees.

Access to Suppliers

Our ever-growing marketplace connects you with a wide range of local suppliers, including large corporations, SMEs, and micro-SMEs. We'll help you find the right suppliers to meet your specific requirements.

On-Demand Procurement Expertise

Our procurement specialists are available on-demand to support with writing specifications, running competitions, evaluating proposals, and managing contracts.


Using the AEC Neutral Vendor framework, we fully comply with Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) giving you peace of mind that everything you procure is above board.


We can rapidly and compliantly run a direct award in just five days or a mini competition in as little as ten days.

Visibility and Control

Our easy-to-use platform gives you an overview of all projects throughout the procurement process. You'll also receive management information, spending data, and analytics to help you stay in control.

How it works

Multi-Academy Trusts can access the benefits of our neutral vendor framework for free.

To get started, choose from the following two options:
  1. Complete the 'new requirement form' if you have an immediate requirement.
  2. Submit a 'contact us' query to speak to our dedicated schools' team. They will answer your questions and provide a non-committal access agreement to sign.

Our partnership approach to procurement support includes the following:
  • Developing outcome-focused project specifications
  • Sharing best practices and benchmarks from previous projects
  • Compiling a shortlist of suitable suppliers from our dynamic marketplace
  • Receive user-friendly management information reports for complete spend visibility and control.

We take a partnership approach to procurement support. Our team will work with you to develop an outcome-focused specification for your project, share best practices and benchmarks from our previous projects, and compile a shortlist of suitable suppliers from our dynamic supplier marketplace.

We provide you with user-friendly management information reports to ensure you have complete visibility and control of your spend.

Contact our team today to register your organisation to get started by emailing or call us on 0330 320 8020.

We ensure procurement compliance is achieved via the AEC Omni CPV neutral vendor framework, providing easy access to UK schools and the wider public sector. As the sole operator, we offer unparalleled value with a framework covering services, goods, and works. With a cumulative value of £28 billion, Constellia is the ideal choice for procurement excellence, covering most categories required by schools and MATs in the UK.

Where we have done this before

Constellia influences over £1 billion spend across 150 public sector organisations in the UK, including universities, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), higher education institutions, and state schools. Some examples are:

Bishop Chadwick

Constellia helped Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust to procure a supplier that was able to provide a robust implementation of their server infrastructure and active directory. The project covered all the Schools within the Trust and the Trust HQ buildings.

Following a competitive exercise, the Trust awarded the project to their preferred supplier and achieved an approximate £10k saving for their Schools.

Cardiff Council on behalf of 127 schools

Following the Welsh government decision to provide free school meals to all primary school children in Wales, Cardiff Council established that they needed to provide an additional 22,000 free school meals to our students.

Working with Constellia via the Neutral Vendor MSP, Cardiff Council were able to procure a suitable supplier quickly and compliantly to source and install the catering equipment needed to meet government timescales.